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“I first worked with Nora in early 2020 and had a great experience, so I turned to her again in 2023 for help with prepared remarks in front of an audience and a panel appearance. What I appreciate is that she doesn't just tell you how to improve, she explains the science behind the spoken word. She teaches ‘the why’ behind her methodology and revised my scripts with an unflinching eye toward the audience's comprehension of my message. Now I understand what makes good communicators become great. Nora also cares deeply about my success, which made all the difference too.”

Dianne Calvi, CEO, Village Enterprise

“I consider Nora to be my secret weapon. She is an expert at media strategy, and she taught me things about the media that only an insider like her would know. She also helped me craft the PERFECT soundbite, customized for each occasion and audience. Then she turned her attention to me, helping me stay focused and speak with clarity and succinctness. Because of Nora, I've been able to share our origin story while striking an emotional chord with people around the country including most recently on NBC’s TODAY show.”

Elenor Mak, Founder/CEO, Jilly Bing

“Having held numerous leadership positions in both business and academia, I have had the opportunity to speak publicly too many times to remember and across all forms of media, including live speech, television, radio and print. When Fubo informed me that we’d have a coach for our Investor Day, I admit I was a bit skeptical it would help me. I could not have been more wrong. Nora taught me how to take a holistic approach to communication and how to deep-think script, body language, enunciation and tone and, most importantly, the value of practice, practice, practice. The value of taking nothing for granted and trial and error. Elements of the communication skills I have begun to learn will apply in all professional and personal aspects of my life going forward.”

Scott Butera, President, Fubo Gaming Inc.

“Nora is an expert in Public Relations and is the type of partner you want on your team. Nora prepared me for the tough questions during interviews and helped shape the conversation through rigorous media training and deliberately crafted presentation messaging. I would recommend Nora and SoundBite Communications for any of your media needs.”

Rich Mahoney, Cofounder and CEO, Seismic

"Nora helped me refine my story telling skills as I prepared to fundraise for my business. Her direction and guidance helped me navigate hundreds of conversations to close a deal within two weeks of starting the fundraise."

Timothy Luchini, Co-Founder/CEO, Intramotive

“Nora was terrific to work with for our media training. She has a really lovely way of giving feedback in an encouraging yet specific way!”

Erin Ganju, Managing Director, Echidna Giving

“I am so thankful for Nora's guidance and crisp feedback that helped us prepare for our first key investor presentation. Because of her tough training session we killed it! It resulted in the investor saying he ‘would be proud to invest and find other investors for us.’ We only had a day to practice, and she elevated our presentation exponentially with her direct and actionable feedback. It was an intense session with Nora, but it was invaluable. She helped us sharpen our points and delivery rapidly. Nora does not mince words, and that is what we needed. We are extremely grateful for all her insights including how to rephrase points to be crisper, what to leave out and even nuances such as lighting and our Zoom set-up. She provided context on why an investor would not care about details that we thought were interesting. Her energy and emphatic feedback had us hyper-focused. I feel like I had a crash course on investor presentation. I have presented many times for my other start-up endeavours, but this was next level training. This was black belt training. I feel I am at a different level now. I have absorbed the learnings and feel I can continue to apply them. Nora is my go to person now for all my key presentation practices."

Lisa Whitsitt, Founding Member,
Jilly Bing

“You might think you know how to ace an interview, but you don't really know until you work with Nora. She helped me find and tell stories that were authentic and interesting, while teaching me to hold my own in a pressure-filled situation. Her coaching changed the way I approach every single conversation.”

Katie Barrett, Senior Fundraiser,
Internet Archive

“I have hired Nora on a few different occasions, each time with different needs, challenges and end goals. And each time she has delivered a thorough yet tailored training session chock-full of tips, tricks and techniques that have given my executives the confidence and tools they needed to succeed. Just as critical, Nora's sessions are low-pressured and FUN. Whether it's a multi-session training or a quick ‘my exec needs an hour with you!’ crash course, Nora has knocked it out of the park every time.”

Jennifer Press, SVP of Communications, Fubo

"Nora went above and beyond to help prepare our CEO in advance of an important company announcement. She not only helped to develop our voice and narrative — providing incredibly crucial feedback to help tell our company story in a compelling and succinct way — she also provided our CEO with tailored feedback and training to make sure she was well prepared for an interview with a top-tier reporter. The short-term result: an incredible article that well-positioned our company for future success. The long-term result: helping our CEO become much more comfortable in any interview setting. Just as importantly, Nora was incredibly enjoyable to work with. I’ve worked in PR for over a decade and I learned more from Nora in a few weeks than I have in several years!"

Allison Hoffman, Head of Communications, Wheel

"Nora Murray at Soundbite Communications is one of those rare hybrid media professionals who spent years as a journalist (former tv news reporter and anchor), followed by years in-house at a large company, and recently years as a publicist pitching and working with all the usual suspects (NY Times, Wall Street Journal, etc.). That means she can intimately explain the how and why of the media industry, answer technical questions (where should I position my camera; what lights should I buy?), while also understanding the how and why of the business world. You will learn – and laugh – more than you thought possible! HIGHLY recommend.”

​​Christine McMurry, Director of External Communications, Northern California Division, DignityHealth

“As a reporter at WNWO-TV, Toledo, Nora quickly ‘owned’ the police beat, consistently beating
more experienced reporters at breaking stories. Her relentless work ethic was much admired in
our newsroom. When she was moved into an anchor position, Nora flourished. She was a
warm, friendly, trustworthy, and credible source of news who consistently scored well in viewer

focus groups. She was also a pleasure to work with. In the nearly fifteen years that I have
known her, Nora has been a smart, trustworthy, hardworking professional.”

Tim Livingston, News Director, WNWO-TV

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