"Storytelling that breaks through the noise" is a common phrase in PR. But what does it really mean? 


Let’s start with the cold, hard facts. The news industry is synonymous with job loss: 22,000 fewer jobs compared to 2006. The surviving reporters suffer from a bloated inbox (300 PR pitches a day) and intense pressure to do more stories, more beats, more tweets.


That’s a lot of noise. So how do you break through? First, choose a PR partner known for tenacity, like SoundBite Communications. Then, craft a stellar story, which is not a simple proposition. But that is our specialty, whether you are launching a product or in the middle of a media crisis. We know what will resonate with reporters and – most importantly – their readers, viewers or listeners.


Ok, so now you have the story. Are you good at telling it? We’ve helped executives from all industries learn how to give an interview that won't end up on the cutting room floor. As a result, these execs now “speak the way a reporter thinks." Don’t have a clue what that means? Exactly. Let us show you.


Journalism is in Nora’s DNA. She was trained by Northwestern University, where professors teach young reporters storytelling skills mixed with a healthy dose of cynicism (“If your mother tells you she loves you, check it out ... twice.”).


After years of reporting and anchoring at local NBC and FOX stations, Nora crossed to the “dark side” – as reporters often say – and entered the world of corporate communications, advertising and PR. She’s done it all: from ghostwriting C-suite speeches to editing TV commercials in L.A.


In San Francisco, Nora has worked with some of the biggest consumer tech brands and the hottest startups. She helps find the story, preps executives, and gets top-tier media coverage that drives results. Boom.

Some of the great clients we have worked with or provided media training for over the years:

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